On an unusually warm and quite rainy December 10th, we gathered at sister Laurie's abode for the First

Christmas Bash Of The Year!

Taking advantage of sister Jean and no-good husband Steve being in the Chicago area, Laurie put together a nice Christmas do at her home.  

Partygoers included the Perryman's (absent Jaclyn & Tyler), Bryan, Sabrina & the 2 rascals, Brett, Jeff, Ben & Jordan and me.   

Sadly Kathy couldn't attend as she is still on the mend following her hospital stay last week.  Allison was working and Brad & Tina had plans with her folks. 

The Dowager Chief laid on some tasty Brown's Chicken with Mostaccioli, Mom's signature Heated Ham Sandwiches, scrumptious Deviled Eggs and 2 types of lip smacking Cole Slaw.   Chief cut it very close on the Chicken order as after the Buffet Table was assaulted, only 4 pieces remained on the field - which is nothing short of reckless.   Had we run out of Chicken - Oh I can't even imagine the carnage.   Watch that next time!

Presenting the inaugural Aunt Joyce Award!

For some time Laurie and I had talked about creating an award based on the lifelong qualities exhibited by our Aunt Joyce.   

Aunt Joyce is probably the kindest, nicest and most service oriented person we have had the pleasure to know.  Now in her eighth decade, this beacon of kindness is something we should all aspire to.    

So we thought we would create an award in her name and periodically give it out as we observed stellar family behavior.   By the way, the award is a Bobblehead in the likeness of Aunty Joyce.  

Based on those attributes - and knowing that Laurie and I could never be considered for this award, what with Laurie being the Family Black Sheep and me being too sarcastic (as well as divorced before I found the Perfect Princess Kathy), we looked across the family to see who might be derserving of the award.   

Well this year, Laurie and I could not overlook the service to the family of my nemesis Bro-In-Law Steve Gallo, who even though he is more than a bit of a Jack Ass, what with the sloth like pace with which he eats, to the tortuously boring stories he tells on an unending basis of people you never heard of and don't want to hear of -  well he was absolutley stellar in service to my mother when she moved from her house to the villa.  

He really helped Mom - and us out immeasurably.  So even though you would say he's the last person that should get this award...

well he did.

Following the presentation, Brett and Jeff donned their Santa hats to distribute the gifts.  We opened some gifts and held the Grabbag which was a load of fun as usual.   Although we didn't have all the family with us - it was a great evening to just be together - especially with Christmas coming.

Thanks to Laurie - Our outstanding hostess!

Congratulations to Steve on snagging the Aunt Joyce award!

Praise God for our family Blessings!

Christ our Savior is Born!