On Sept 10, I started the month long events to Celebrate Kathy's upcoming 60th Birthday by taking her to

The Cubs Game!

I had told The Princess we were going to see a Cubs Game at Wrigley with 2 Club W tickets I had bought on StubHub.  What I didn't tell her was that her brothers, Jay & Gary, along with Jan and Jayson were joining us too!  All to celebrate her upcoming 60th Birthday.

You see, Kathy is planning on being in Florida on her actual Birthday - so I thought it fitting we celebrate this milestone a wee bit early with her Brothers - which she loved! 

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The nice things about Club W tickets is they are All-Inclusive, meaning all your food and drink are included.   And anyone that has been out with Kathy knows that she can put away the Beverages like few others.  Plus you get your own, CLEAN Potties that The Princess' precious little ass prefers.  

The seats were almost exactly where Steve Bartman ended the Cubs Playoff chances in 2003.  Literally right next to the Left Field wall.   The Cubs were playing the San Francisco Giants - which featured the return of former Cubs Star Kris Bryant back at Wrigley following the big trade.  

When we settled in our seats we immediately befriended Fabio, the Cubs left field Ballboy.  I even laid out individual Peanuts on the Left Field Wall for him to snack on throughout the game. 

I made an impassioned plea that we needed a baseball for The Princess as we were celebrating her soon to be 60th Birthday.  I had learned going back to our 1st date back at Comiskey Park in 1983, that Kathy loves to get Baseballs.  In fact, check out the Photo WAY BACK WHEN all the way on the bottom of Hottie Kathy with her first MLB Baseball.   Now that is some hot action.

However, Fabio did not seem impressed.

Well, lo and behold Fabio sidles up to Kathy late in the game and whispers to her that the next ball that comes his way is HERS!   WOOMBAH!

And he delivered the Rascal!  

Picture left is Kathy with her new boyfriend Fabio. and to the right, her latest Baseball!

Alas, as you would expect, the Cubs lost.  But that didn't put a dampener on this great day.   

Oh and we were on television too, just missing a Patrick Wisdom foul ball Rocket that we damn near got.  Check out the Video on the bottom.


Thanks to Gary, Jan, Jay & jayson for making Kathy so Happy

Happy Birthday Kathy!  Damn near 60 girl!