With the charm & grace of Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home" in Bardstown, KY, as the backdrop....  Kathy & I were honored to attend the

Wedding Of Samantha & Matthew Spaulding!

Samantha is the lovely daughter of Anne & Richard Mudd, who live in Springfield, Ky.  I used to work with Richard at Hendrickson, but we are prouder that Kathy & I have formed a deep friendship with both Anne & Richard.  They are great people and dear, dear friends.

Samantha, the bride, works in her brother Lee's business, while Matthew works right at Hendrickson in their Lebanon, Ky plant.  This had been the 1st time we met them and they are such a happy couple.   What a future they have in front of them.

They were married in a beautiful ceremony at their home church of St Dominic's in Springfield, with the reception under a marquee tent on the grounds of "My Old Kentucky Home" in Bardstown.  It couldn't have been lovelier.

Lynn & Dave Templeton, dear friends from Hendrickson were also in attendance and we were happy to be seated with them at the reception along with 4 other long time friends of Anne & Richard. 

I have always kidded Richard about his Southern Heritage, but he knows I am actually quite envious of it.   He has always encouraged me to make sure I used my gift of "Faith" as he called it going forward in Retirement.   

Richard & Anne are Godly people and live their life as such.  The Priest that did the ceremony was unable to get to the Reception in time so Richard asked me to offer the Blessing at the Reception - which I was honored to do.

In the longstanding tradition of Strong Assertive Southern Women, "Anne Mudd" takes the cake.  Here's 2 stories that still have Kathy and I laughing....

  1. At the reception, the Car Park was a short distance from the Marquee Tent where all the action was taking place.  So they had used a couple of Premium Golf Carts to ferry people back and forth.   One partygoer asked the Driver if he could drive this journey over to the tent and the young man driving said "Only If Anne Mudd Says So!"  The guest didn't drive it.

  2. Also at the reception, towards the end of the party, Anne's son Lee comes over with a complaint.  Apparently he had asked the DJ to play a song that had perhaps a few suggestive lyrics.  The DJ flatly refuses and tells Lee "Only If Anne Mudd Says I Can!"  Now bear in mind that Lee owns a fabulously successful business in his own right and also fathered the 1st grandson that is absolutely the light of Anne's life.   So Lee slinks over and sweetly asks Mom's permission to play the song.  Picture is above.  Though Anne Mudd frowns, she eventually shoots the DJ a quick "Thumbs Up" and it is the next song played.  Everone knows who the ruler is in this family! 

I'll tell you another thing about Anne Mudd!  When Kathy & I check into our hotel, the Desk Clerk says he has just put a "Present" in our room for us.   When we open the door we see a lovely watercolor of 3 Jockeys that Anne had given us!  It will permanently reside next to Condo Charley down in our flat on Siesta Key - so not only we can enjoy it - but Condo Charley can too!  

Thank you so much.

We stayed til the very end of the reception as we were having such a good time.  Make sure you look at all the pictures and video.   Anne and Richard are pictured mid left.  Mid right is Larry & Tammy from our table (Kathy is already FaceBook friends with Tammy!)  Directly to the left is that Rascal Fitz dancing not only with the Bride, but with his Grandmother Anne Mudd as well! That Fitz is a Babe Hound!

At the bottom is the Mudd's, The Templeton's, & The Johnson's.

Thanks to Richard And Anne for Inviting Us

God Bless Samantha And Matthew In their Life together

Praise be to God for all his blessings!