Following the smashing wedding in Kentucky of Samantha & Matthew, on the next day it was off on a 5 hour drive to see

The Rolling Stones Play

 St. Louis! 

The Stones were resuming their "No Filter" tour which had to be cancelled last year due to the Pandemic.  

In 2019, Kathy and I had seen the last show of that tour in Miami, which unfortunately turned out to be the last show that Stones Drummer Charlie Watts played.

Charlie passed away at age 80, on August 24th of this year. He had been an original member of the Stones going back almost 60 years. Was so very sad as he was so, so totally cool - playing so well but looking so dispassionate and cool as he did so.

The show opened with pictures of Charlie showing on the stage's huge screens against the sound of a lone drumbeat.  The announcer then Shouted "Ladies & Gentleman - The Rolling Stones!  

Keith ripped off the 1st chords of "Street Fighting Man" and the crowd erupted!   Song number 2 was an old favourite "It's Only Rock 'n Roll"

Following that song a visibly emotional Mick spoke about Charlie with Keith Richards holding his hand and Ronnie Wood with an arm around Mick on his other side. Check out the video to the right. Very Emotional.

Following Mick's proclaimation that they dedicated the Tour To Charlie, Keith ripped off the iconic riff that announced my favourite Stones tune "Tumblin' Dice"  Even though I've heard them play this song live over 30 times, I was Eurphoric!   

It Was Awesome.  

The Stones played 19 songs over 2 hours.  Though 78 years old, Mick ran & skipped and danced the whole time like he was half his age.  He is astounding.  We had seats in the Club section on Keith's side of the stage.   Other highlight song of the show was Keith's rendition of "Slipping Away". 

It was Haunting

The Stones played most of their anthems, but one they didn't play was Brown Sugar.  I'm sure we will hear that in the next show we go to in Nashville with the Boys, Spouses & Sister Chief!  Ronnie Wood's playlist of the entire show is all the way on the bottom of the page.

They are.... 

The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the world

These guys are the Sound Track of my life!