After an exhausting 45 day long celebration of Kathy's 60th Birthday, the last party was finally upon us....  'Twas in Tampa and featured the

Sisters & the Stones!

Kathy had been down in Florida for a couple weeks when her actual birthday arrived on October 27.  Looking visibly older now that she had entered her 7th decade on this earth, I jetted down to reassure her that she still possessed breathtaking beauty - but just a weeee bit wrinklier!

What she didn't know was that my sisters and their husbands were going to meet us there for a big party watching the Rolling Stones at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa!  Our 3rd Stones Concert in 30 days!

On the Wednesday of her actual Birthday, Kathy picked me up at the airport late afternoon and had plans for a dinner with Mom and sister Jean with Hubby Steve - all of whom live down in Sarasota.  We went to Flavio's on the Key and had a lovely dinner.

Jean had got Kathy a Birthday Cake, complete with Party Hat, which she models smartly to the left. 

On Thursday night, Kathy & I went out to dinner with friends Doug & Becky along with 2 of their friends noshing at the Summer House - again on the Key.   We celebrated 3 birthdays that evening including Kathy, Doug and one of their friends in a really nice evening.

Sisters Laurie, Nancy & her husband Randy flew down on Thursday & along with my Mom, we surprised her at at Breakfast on Friday morn.   Kathy had no idea that all the Sisters would be together and she was blown away!    Check out the video's of the Big Surprise.

The Big Concert was also that very night so we met for dinner at Stonewood Grill in Sarsota and then hotfooted it up to Tampa just in time to see the Stones rip into their opening number "Street Fighting Man"!   We had nosebleed seats but they were great and the Stones sounded the best we had heard on this tour.  We liked a couple additions to the Setlist that we hadn't heard yet on this tour - with our favourite being "Get Off My Cloud"! Was just a tremendous night.

Afterwards, we began the 90 minute trek back to Sarasota, through the rain and over that awfully scary Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  By Sunday all the out of towners were headed home - except Kathy who finagled another week long extension to recover under the Sun! The Princess ain't 25 anymore.  Recovery Time Was Needed!

And so the Celebrations of Kathy's 60th Birthday had finally come to an end.  Starting at a Wrigley Field Cubs Game with her Brothers, to St.Louis to see the Stones Opener, to Nashville with the Boys, their Wives and the Dowager, we finally concluded the Festivities in Tampa with The Sisters. I am exhausted just writing this! 

 Happy Birthday Princess Kathy! 

 You Are Loved by so many! 

 God Blessed Us With You!