On a blustery & cold winter February 6th, it was up to Antioch to celebrate our Grandson

 Thor's 6th Birthday! 

Sabrina put together a tremendous Surprise Birthday Party for Thor, inviting Kathy & I along with all Thor's Uncles and their families. Using a Video game theme, all guests were issued Video Game Lanyards & Tokens while Thor was safely ensconced in their basement. 

When Sabrina called him upstairs - a giant "Surprise" was bellowed by the crowd and a surprised Thor was very excited.

Thor was in heaven as all his Uncle's, with Special Guest Sean (Best Man who has played Video Games with Thor over the Internet), and Dad joined him in an afternoon of Video games, with MineCraft and Fortnite at the forefront.  I don't know exactly what the Lanyards and Token were for - but I can tell you that my Lanyard almost strangled me!

Ashton - who will be 2 later this month, was also having a great time, showing off how well he can kick and throw a ball. He also is a great cuddler as evidenced with him cozying up to his Mom, in the snap left.

Following a boatload of scrumptious appetizers, Sabrina laid on a Spread from Antioch's famed WingZ that featured their famous Chicken Wings (a little spicy I must say) Tots, Nachos and other assorted doodads.

We then adorned Thor's cake sith 6 candles (Remembering that this is his GOLDEN Birthday - 6 on the 6th!)  Thor dispatched the candles with authority and we all serenaded him with the traditional birthday song.

However, Ashton took offense at all the singing and absolutely Howled Bloody Murder during the song - to the point where we sung no more.   Check out the little rascal in the snap right as Ben was holding him during the song.

After the Cake, Sabrina produced a Pinata with instructions for The Bear to hold it while Thor, Ashton & all the Uncles took a swat at it trying to unleash it's precious treasure.   Finally on the second round, Thor cracked it hard on the side and all the goodies spilled forth.  Everyone dived on the floor scooping up the Treasure with Thor finding the most valuable piece - earning him a Trophy.

'Twas a fabulous day and we marvel at how quickly the six years in Thor's young life have flown by.

Thank you Sabrina & Bryan for a great party

Happy Birthday to our Precious Grandson Thor

Glod Bless you throughout your life!