With the uncertainty of a resurging Pandemic, we made sure that it wouldn't tarnish our

Blessed Christmas!

What a special time of year it is.  The Joy of the Christ Child and the gathering of Family & Friends.  The Johnson's had a busy few days that left us happy, joyous - and frankly, a little tired.

Christmas Eve saw us restart a tradition on Kathy's side of the family.  Following Christmas Eve Worship at Trinity, we headed to Kathy's brother Jay and Val's house for a late afternoon Banquet Buffet, presents and fellowship. 

Other than when it was cancelled last year - we have been meeting at Jay & Val's on Christmas Eve for nigh onto 30 years.  The menu remains the same - which is another tradition.  Appetizers of Meatballs, Deviled Eggs, Cheeses, followed by The Christmas Ham, Potato Sausage and the like. A truly great time.  

Christmas Morning we headed out to Ben and Jordan's house in Carol Stream for a Brunch with her side of the family - the Jones - picture below left.

Jordan & Ben, expecting their first child next April, looked radiant with anticipation.  The food was great, chatting with the Jones family was even better and all had a wonderful time - including the 4 doggies attending too.

Of course, Jordan & Ben had a game for us all to play called "Danger Word" followed by a Grab Bag gift exchange.  A really fun time. 

Christmas Evening, Kathy & I hosted sisters Laurie & Nancy along with their families at our house in Arlington Heights.   Just a real casual affair with some snick snacks, a couple gifts to open and just being a family.

The kids took up a rollicking card game for a little while and I couldn't help but thinking how much my Dad would have enjoyed seeing all this.  He loved his family so....

We had not yet been able to see our Grandsons, as Thor wasn't feeling well on Chirstmas Eve so Bryan & Sabrina had to cancel coming to Jay & Val's.

But Thor was better on Boxing Day and along with his Rascal-In-Arms brother Ashton, the Johnson's from Antioch came by for a lavish Gift explosion for the boys.  Brad & Tina also came by making it an even better day.  

Again thru the month of December,  Santa Kathy had Amazon Trucks lining up at our house to drop off Gifts for these Grandsons - so it took about an hour to get through all the opening.

Thor got a lot of great things, like a Microscope, Fingerprint Kit, Geography Game and other gifts intended to stimulate that big Brain of his.  Ashton got all things "Cars" including a 5 story Carport with hundreds of Stickers that Bryan spent an hour or two assembling.  

Tina got a rolling grocery carrier - so she could safely bring groceries up to the Condo, and Brad got a goofy looking Burrito Blanket that frankly makes him look ridiculous.

Well, 'twas Quite A Celebration!

Chirst Our Savior Is Born!

Merry Christmas to all!