On a beautiful July 17th, it was early off to Church for

Calvin's Holy Baptism! 

Our youngest Grandson - just 3 months old - was adorned in the Baptismal Gown made by his Great Grandmother In Florida - the same gown worn by his Father and his Uncles at their Baptisms' decades before.  He looked angelic, calm and alert as he was passed, kissed, & jostled from relative to relative before the service.  Everyone wanted a piece of Calvin Takashi Johnson!

Proud parents Ben and Jordan had all the details attended to as the extended Jones and Johnson families flocked to Trinity Lutheran Church in Rolling Meadows - where Calvin awaited his date with 

The Holy Spirit.

Pastor John Hildner was in command and tailored his Sermon to Calvin becoming Christ's most recent soldier.  Godparents Olivia and our boy bear Bryan were ready - knowing that their roles throughout Calvin's life were not ceremonial - but Spiritual.  

When it came down to the actual Baptism, young Calvin uttered not a peep, as if even he recognized the reverence and importance of the ceremony.   All our Saints in Heaven - especially Calvin's namesake & Great Grandfather Takashi - rejoiced in JOY!   


Following the service, cake and coffee were served at Church.  We then reconvened at our house for a Back Garden Baptismal Bash attended by 30+ family members.  Though it was cloudy, no rain dampened the afternoon.  Nino's catered the affair, with all their usual delicacies and no one went away hungry.  Everyone took another turn holding hugging and kissing the man of the hour.  He was happy throughout the whole day.


All praise to god for claiming calvin as his own!