With Joyous Thanksgiving to our Good Lord, Welcome To The World....

Calvin Takashi Johnson!

Our 3rd Grandson was born to second son Ben and his lovely wife Jordan on April 7, 2022 at 10:33am at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge IL.  

This is Ben & Jordan's 1st child and they are utterly euphoric! Weighing in at a healthy 7lbs and 14 oz, he is perfect in every way! 

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The name Calvin appealed to both Ben & Jordan.  And you know what?  He looks like a Calvin!   Great choice!

But it's his MIDDLE name that I think is awesome.  He is named after Jordan's Maternal Grandfather, Dr. Takashi Okuno, a Japanese native who came to the States in 1960 to study Medicine.  

He met and married a young American nursing student - and together they lived their life in America.  The Okuno's raised a family of Medical Professionals - that serve God every day through their service to others.  What a Legacy he built - further extended with his Great Grandson Calvin Takashi.   I can only imagine the pride he feels in Heaven for this little baby bearing his name.

Little Calvin was a Caesarean birth as he stubbornly stayed in a Breech position up to the time of Birth.  Ben moved into the Hospital room through Jordan's hospital stay and the new family bonded from the 1st minute they all met each other!   

Calvin's Grandparents on both sides couldn't wait to meet this wee charge.  But pandemic rules are still in place at Hospitals - so we all had to take our turn - 2 at a time to see this little Bundle. 

But it was well worth the wait as you can see the joy in Grandma Susan & Grandma Kathy's faces as they held days old Grandson.

Calvin is such a Good Boy.  A Good Eater, An Excellent Sleeper, and he has got Ben & Jordan expert in Nappy Changes in only a few days!  Well done Calvin!

With Holy Week upon us, Kathy I & Brett drove out to see him on Good Friday.  Though Easter was not until 2 days away, we thought it appropriate that Calvin experience his 1st Easter Egg Hunt.   He was superb as he found all 3 eggs in record time - doing a considerably better job than his Dad did when he was a young rascal.  

I have 2 videos at the bottom of this page - the first of Calvin Takashi's first Easter Egg Hunt and the second one is the Easter Egg Hunt with Ben from 1991 - where as you can see - Ben had a little trouble PLACING the eggs in the Easter Egg Bowl.

Praise God For Blessing This World With Calvin! 

What Will He see in his life ?!

A Blessed Easter to all!