Having been summoned by persistent Sr Cousin Diane, she commanded the family to Sue & Joe's Deer Park home for a lovely 

Family Reunion!

This Father's Day was one to remember.  Just look at the whole group below that met for the first time in many a year to reconnect, swap stories and just be a family!

Seizing the opportunity of Russ Wallis' family being in the Chicago area, the word was quickly spread that we would hold our first Post Pandemic Reunion. 

Sue & Joe were kind enough (or arm twisted enough) to offer their Mansion as the Party Venue.  As you can see,  too many people to list - but they are all in the photo above!

A lavish feast was laid on - in true Johnson Style. Chicken, salads, cake and numerous other munchies left all of us stuffed.   It was great to see all of the babies of this newest  generation.  Future looks good. 

Aunty Joyce held center court, telling the most WILD stories about heretofore unknown secrets of the Family.   Little Hattie Wallis' eyes widened at the exploits of her namesake and Great, Great, Great Grandmother, Hattie Rose Marie Witt Rudd.  Little Hattie may never be the same!  Aunty Pegg, the Country Lawyer, and the Upchurch's traveled the longest daily distance   - and was great to see them too.  

My own lovely Kathy cheerfully monitored the Wine Supply - making sure it did not spoil.  Great Job.   The Dowager Chief - deputy to Aunt Joyce - sprung into action anytime a quick order had to be issued.  Like all reunions in the past, Jeff Johnson stole away to get in some fishing in Joe's back yard watering hole.

Picture mid right are all the Redheads.  Bet there aren't a lot of families that can snap a picture like that.  Picture left, is Kathy, Laurie (Dowager Chief) and Diane keeping the crowd quiet, lest the Police be called.   Make sure to look at all the photos and if you want to download any of them, click the Download link and save the ones you want.

Thanks to Sue & Joe for Hosting This Bash

Thanks to Diane for pulling it together

Thanks be to God for this great Family!