With the days closing fast until Baby Boy Johnson's April 11th due date, it was off to Schaumburg's Westwood Tavern for 

Jordan's Baby Shower!

The Shower was hosted by Jordan's Mum Susan and our own Kathy Jo.  Held on a sunny, mild February 27, over 40 Ladies gathered to shower our Jordan & Ben with gifts as they await their firstborn due in just a short couple months. 

Jordan looked radiant in her snappy blue clingy number- showing that ever growing Baby Bump.  Picture upper right is the Happy Couple in front of the beautiful decoration.  To the right were 3 tables fully loaded with gifts that took Jordan and Ben over an hour to open.

Picture left are the beautiful hosts of the party - both adorned in Blue - I wonder why?  These 2 Mom's couldn't be any more excited for the arrival of their Grandson.

Jordan's lovely sister Olivia recorded all the gifts as they were unwrapped.  Jordan's father Jon, helped with everything, but especially the logistics of getting the gift haul to the car.  That was no easy trick.  I pitched in on the photography.

Both sides of the family were well represented, with a fine showing of friends as well.  The venue at the Westwood was nothing short of idyllic.  It was a perfect day and a perfect party!

Luncheon featured a tasty Chicken Dish and an equally scrumptious Pasta offering as well.   The Drinks flowed freely, contributing to the endless chatter that went on all afternoon. The dessert table featured, of course, Blue Cup Cakes and other sweets.  The ladies had planned 4 different games - but they didn't get to 2 of them as the afternoon flew by so quickly. 

As the festivities came to a close, Jordan gave a short emotional speech, thanking everyone for coming and how much this day meant to them - as it had been a long road to get to this point.  Jordan asked Ben if he had anything to add - but Jordan had said it all.  I tell you, our Ben couldn't have landed a better wife - this Jordan is so very special and a living testament to the goodness of her parents.   We are so blessed to have her in the family.

God Bless Ben & Jordan!

God Bless The Jones Family!

We're Waiting for you Baby Boy!