On a snowy February 5th, it was off to Antioch for the 

Birthday Bash For Thor and Ashton!

How the time flies as Grandsons Thor is turning 7 and Ashton is turning 3!   These rascals had a combined party thrown by their Mom Sabrina and her Bear Husband Bryan at their home.

Sadly, Kathy could not attend as she was on her College Roommate reunion in Florida. So Ben, Jordan, Brett, Brad and Tina did the Johnson Family representin', joining Sabrina's mom Sue, brother Anthony, and I finally got to meet his Babe girlfriend Meghan!  

Bryan's great neighbors, the White and Murphy families also were there.   It's no secret why Bryan and Sabrina love their neighborhood so much as these 3 young families have grown into the Best of Friends.  

However the most honored guest was Sean - Ben's Best Man & lifelong Buddy - who is an absolute HERO to Thor as they play Fortnite remotely together. Thor was especially anxious to make sure Sean was in attendance and he didn't dissappoint!

The party had a Video Gaming theme - so all participants were encouraged to bring their gear.  The Gamer Geeks all dissappeared down the basement to play - while us normal folk stayed upstairs and behaved like civilized humans - you know conversing and actually interacting with each other.  How refreshing!

Sabrina laid on a spread that was "Make Your Own Taco Fiesta" with all the trimmings and it was viciously attacked by all.  Delectable!

Then it was time for the Birthday gift barrage, which the boys just loved.  Ashton particularly liked his Dinosaur Car Wash - which you fill with water to actually wash your small Matchbox Cars!  Later, we gathered round the kitchen table to sing Happy Birthday to the Twin Rascals.   Make sure you check out the video!  

Picture upper right is Thor & Ashton with all their Proud Uncles.  Snap mid-left is of Proud Mom  Sue posing with her finest achievements, dawter Sabrina and son Anthony.   Check out the snap of the Rascals below opening presents.        

Alas, it was over all too quickly and towards the late afternoon we headed home.  

But what a party!   Happy Birthday Thor & Ashton! 

God Bless You Both!