For 2 dates in the last week of June, Kathy & I ROCKED as the

Rolling Stones stormed Chicago!

Mick & Keith, now both 80, were absolutely electric as they opened with "Start Me Up" and followed that up with a raucous "Get Off My Cloud". 

According to my Spreadsheet, this was the 40th and 41st time I have seen the Stones live spanning 49 years since I first saw them in July of 1975 while on the best date of my life with Monica Lasecki - my summer girlfriend from California who bought the tickets for us to see them in the old Chicago Stadium.  

That concert changed my life!

Kathy, sister Laurie, and myself had tickets to the June 27th show and were seated in the 200 section of Soldier Field.  First highlight of this concert was Keith singing "Happy" that ignited the crowd going into the 2nd half of the show.  

Laurie was ecstatic when they belted out "Midnight Rambler" (you know the one you never seen before!) which sounded like a runawway freight train.

At the Sunday night June 30th show, it was just The Princess and I but we had 12th row seats on the floor where we could actually see our heroes up close during the 2 hour show.  

Kathy was excited  to see Lainey Wilson, who opened for The Stones - but we only caught her last song as it took us over 2 hours to get to Soldier Field! 

Highlight for me was "Tumblin' Dice" and "Gimme Shelter"  my 2 favourite songs that I belted out as loud as Mick did.   Check out all the pictures and video and you'll know why they are...

The Greatest Rock 'n Roll band ever! 

The Stones wrote the Sound Track to my life!

Next Up Is Los Angeles In July! 

PS...  A word about my beautiful wife.  I know I am an idiot -having seen these guys 41 times in 4 countries on 2 continents.  But my Kathy has been with me 27 of those times and I don't know any other wife that would put up with that.  Just goes to show why she is the... 


She's a Rainbow, Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away, I'm So Hot For Her, She's A Honky Tonk Woman,You Got To Roll Me,  It's Just A Kiss Away, I Need A Love To Keep Me Happy, Now I Need You More Than Ever, But Its All Right In Fact Its A Gas!    


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