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Fall 2003  Prairie Dunes Trip

2 groups totaling 12 linksters made it out to Prairie Dunes this fall.  The weather was great and the laughs were even better - most of them courtesy of Petey - as usual.

First the snakes again made the trip and even though first time visitor Bob Quinn was on the look for them, he still jumped a foot when they got thrown on him.    Next, Pete and Steve updated their 'Team' picture shown lower left.

Another first time visitor got the full hotel room treatment, with the snakes in the bed, the toilet waterfall trick, and the vaseline in the toothpaste tube.  

But the funniest was when Rodger started showing off again, trying to get anyone to bet him on the names, numbers, & handicaps of Prairie's stellar 18. 

So some money was put up and Roger started to quiz Marty. Quickly, Petey climbed onto the top of the lockers and flashed the answers to Marty from above & behind Roger.

Roger, the know-it-all, was confounded as every question he asked got an immediate answer -costing him more than a few bucks and giving us a story for the ages.

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