Starting on October 12, it was off to Prairie Dunes to play in the inaugural

Charles Craig Classic

golf tournament.  The golf tournament is named after longtime PD Golf Professional Charles Craig, who retired as head professional following the US Ladies Open at Prairie Dunes in 2002. 

Picture left has the entire crew, starting L to R with Rick, Petey, Billy E-Mon, Current PD Head Pro Johnny Langham, Tournament namesake Charles Craig, Mike, Steve, Roger and Marty.

The tournament is for the out of state members of Prairie Dunes and their guests and featured a format of five  9 hole matches played within flights.   I brought brother-in-law Mike Gregorio as my guest and we were promptly placed in the last of 7 Flights. 

Our first match was against PD Member, Actor, & Writer Brian Doyle Murray, and his  brother Bill of Ghostbusters & Caddyshack fame.  We started off OK by tying the 1st 2 holes, but then got waxed by them in the remaining 7.  Picture lower right is of the happy foursome.  I used  a couple of lines from Caddyshack during the match - Like Bill & Brian have never heard that before.

E-mon and Steve won their flight and Billy and Petey won their's as well.  They got to play in the shoot-out, with E-mons team exiting on the first hole and Billy's team exiting on the second.

 Highlight of the shootout for me was Bill Murray giving Petey the Backswing Airhorn blast seen in snap below to the left.   Petey never flinched and laced the ball right down the middle - Big Hitter that Dallai Lamma.- Long.  Petey had given Bill the Airhorn earlier in the week and Bill had not found it to funny.   I believe the phrase "What an A__Hole" was heard coming from the foursome after Petey hit 'em.

Even though Mike and I only won a single match all week we had a tremendous time - and will get them next year!.

Congratulations Charles On having this tournament named after you. 

Your buds in Chicago love you and will be coming to this every year.