Back to the prairie for the

Spring 2008 trip!

From June 19-22 it was back to national jewel, Prairie Dunes, for 4 days of golf, snakes, laughs and treachery. 

It had been almost a year since we had been back to Hutch as the golf course was closed for the reconstruction of it's world renowned greens - which turned out beautifully.

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We had an even 8 this trip. Reading left to right you see associate member Billy, founding member E-mon, Corky, world's funniest man Petey, annoyingly self absorbed newbee Danny, newbee Gerry, Steve and founding member Ricky.

Arriving Thursday, we played a quick 18 while Friday had the morning round followed by a 18 hole ladies tee scramble in the afternoon.  Saturday, health nut Rick crumbles with a bad knee and is immediately medicated by the mad Witch Doctor Petey, with a concoction of Pills, Powders and other associated tonics.   After Rick takes the buffet of meds he finds that he is having trouble speaking and goes to sleep it off at 10AM in the morning.  Sadly, Petey pulls some rib cage muscles on Saturday requiring him to grit it out during the rest of the rounds.  Hmmm   the 2 most unfit members of the group going down with injuries - Go Figure.

The snakes made their way to the course and were sprung on newbee Gerry who ran and cried like a woman when they were draped across his shoulder on the 14th tee.  Even though he knew they would be coming he still embarassed himself screaming all the way up the fairway. Danny,telling everybody he looked great in his pastel yellow shorts, (everyone else thought he looked like a bit of a bender) found a live snake in his golf bag courtesy of Petey.   And don't forget he spells his name D-A-N.   Alas the snake didn't bother D-A-N a bit as he birdied the 17th in a lopsided Wolf match that he ran away with.

That night both Gerry and D-A-N - A-S-S awoke to glycerine rubbed snakes in their bed with vaseline shoved in their toothpaste tubes.  Also, their toilets were rerouted to fill the entire bathroom on the flush instead of the toilet tank.   Great line of the week has Gerry asking Petey "How do you get one of those Master Keys?" 

Below is Petey literally helping himself to the soft-serve ice cream in the dining room.  Picture all the way on the bottom is the guys taking a picture with new cart girl Lindsey.  Don't know what Rubin is doing - the dog.

Again a great time was had by all on the Prairie and we look forward to the Fall trip at Our Heartland jewel

Prairie Dunes