bdaypic1.jpg (62204 bytes)Happy Birthday To Me

I hit the big 43 on October 6.  The IT group at work had a cake made for me from a woman who makes these beautiful cakes on the side.  The cake is decorated as a golf hole with the Rolling Stones playing golf.   It was truly spectacular and was almost too pretty to eat.

Almost. (It tasted great)

I promised the woman who made it that I would put her creation on the Web with full credit to her.  She is a Master Baker and will create a cake on request. Her name & address is:

Although I don't know how, she also made a cellular phone out of something that is visible at the rear of the cake.

bdaypic2.jpg (23436 bytes)Golf, and the Stones.  Pretty good combination.   On the actual day of my birthday, I was in Scotland on business and had dinner with friends Bill & Lynn Glickauf in Edinburgh who were in town visiting their daughter Tracy who is schooling down the M8 in Glasgow.  

Although it would have been nice to be with the family, with all the friends it was the next best thing. 

Thanks to all especially, Nancy Boettger for organizing the cake and getting the department to turn up in my office for 'Happy Birthday'.