crispin.jpg (48805 bytes)It was great to see

Mark & Alvin!

Carl's son Mark, and friend Alvin flew over to the UK and joined Mom & Carl for a jaunt around Europe.  Staying only a couple nights in each location, the 4 of them toured through France, Austria and an extended time in Germany.   There they visited many historical sites of the Reformation.

The trip itenary dictated a grueling pace that would be difficult for any human to sustain, let alone the family sprinter, Carl. It was rumoured at the historic site where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Church door, Carl took a nap for 95 minutes in quiet commemoration.

markalv.jpg (40180 bytes)After returning from their European Holiday, Alvin celebrated his 31st Birthday in style at the Crispin Pub outside Ascot in Winkfield.  As my family had already returned home, it was just the 5 of us for dinner. In celebration, we gave him one of the Crispin's special chocolate desserts as we all sang Happy Birthday.  A birthday to remember.    The next day Mark and Alvin flew home to Chicago from Heathrow, while Carl & Mom winged back to Tampa and some rest after their Euopean vacation.  

memom.jpg (18043 bytes)Thanks for coming Mom, I love you and it was great to see you.

Carefully cropping Carl out of the picture, Mom and I pose for a Mother/Son photo after dinner in the outdoor garden at the Crispin.

To the right is a picture of Mark & Alvin, while below is a picture of Carl modeling his latest new  purchase from DeutscheLand.



A beautifully Engineered German Nose Hair Trimmer

He's slow, but impeccably groomed