On a beautiful English Wednesday Morn, Pop, the Boys, & I boarded the train at Ascot station for a day 


Having just arrived back from our holiday in Amsterdam, Cologne & Paris, we gave Kathy a day to herself in the flat, while us lads headed into London. On tap was a visit to the world famous Sherlock Holmes Pub, followed by a visit to feed the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square and then having a snack in the middle of St. James Park adjacent to Buckingham Palace.


The boys played cards on the inbound train ride as Pop called out the Stops. We alighted at Paddington Station and took a cab direct to Trafalgar square. 

Right on the edge of the Square is the Sherlock Holmes Pub - which Pop had to see as he loved the fictional detective. He and Bryan decided to lunch there outside the Pub dining on some Shepherd's Pie which took a rather long time before it was served. Pop was not happy with the service.

As for me and the boys, we had lunch at McDonald's on the Strand as we waited for Pop & Bryan to be done. We then went across the street to Trafalgar Square where you can buy birdseed and feed the Pigeons right on the Square. Well Kathy & Mrs. Crook would have been mortified to see this flying vermin perched on the boys arms, heads, whatever to eat the birdseed. But as you can see it made for great video. 

The boys then crawled on the massive lions in the square and then we walked through the Arch into St James Park, where we just enjoyed a beautiful afternoon. We played a little football next to Horse Guards Parade Ground and then had some Ice Cream in the Park. I'm sure there will be more than few things that we will have forgotten about that day - but one thing we will never forget is the