With Pop watching the boys in our flat at Ascot, Kathy and I stole away for a weekend to see

The Stones in Paris!

Taking the Eurostar thru the Chunnel to Paris we took a 3 day mini-vacation staying at a Hotel just off the Champs-Élysées in central Paris.  Arriving at Paris' Gare du Nord train station, I immediately got ripped off by a uniformed Metro agent who swindled me out of a  $100 (can't remember the amount of Francs) for what he said was a 3 day Metro pass - that expired following the initial trip to the Hotel!   L'idiot!          

The Rolling Stones were in the midst of the European swing of their "Bridges To Babylon" tour hitting the mega-stadiums across Europe. 

A Morotola co-worker got us the tickets for the July 25th show at the Stade de France - a football stadium which seated over 100,000 people.

Before the concert we took one of those City Bus Tours to see all the sights of Paris.  We stopped at the Paris "Marks And Spencer's'" department store which had become Kathy's favourite in Europe.

That night we went out looking for a nice restaurant in an entertainment District in Central Paris.  We stopped in front of a place called "Chez Babu"  and looked at their menu in the window.

As we were looking, a nice looking couple came out of the Brasserie and stated to us in English -  "This might be the Best Resturant In All Of Paris!"  Well, with that recommendation, how could we say no?

So in we went and were served absolutely the WORST meal I had ever seen.  How we didn't HURL is a miracle.   Every dish was laying in about to be congealed Gravy. Everything tasted Gamey as Hell.   Just Putrid!   So after politely exclaiming to the Waiter how "Great The Meal Was"  (almost all uneaten), we paid our bill and ducked into the Hard Rock Paris next door and had our second -this time edible - Dinner.

The concert was great - a fully packed Stadium, of course.   The French crowd didn't sing like we were accustomed to at other Stones Concerts - but it was the Rolling Stones!

The next morning we partook of the Hotel Brunch, featuring about the tastiest French Bread Kathy & I had ever eaten.  We went upstairs, watched some TV, had some fun, and left for the Train Station to catch the Bullet Train back to London.

Paris Is Beautiful and was Great to see it with my beautiful Kathy!