Ben & cousin John Gallo Graduate Level 2 of the

Future Astronauts Training Program

at the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Ben and John completed their 2nd year of FATP where highlights of this years instruction included underwater SCUBA training simulating space weightlessness.

They both completed their space shuttle missions successfully with Ben being the Shuttle Pilot on his Mission and John being Payload specialist on his mission.

Picture upper left is one of my favourites. Ben & John have their manuals and their test rockets that they had just suceesfully launched. I was very proud.

Brett and Rick spent the week mostly at Prairie Dunes Country Club where on one of the days I drew Brettie aside and on the 15th hole we had "The Talk" about the Birds & the Bees and being a respectful Gentleman at all times... I even took a picture of the moment seen to the right.

congratulations Ben & John.

You did a great job!