Whose Ass Is This? 

This past sunday, the family gathered to celebrate Tyler's 1st birthday at Randy's house.  

As Tyler is my Godson, I brought my camera with me to dutifully record the tender moments.

It was a lovely day, filled with family fellowship, love and conversation, that left me very contented until my day became ruined.

To my horror, when I returned home I found this awful picture in my camera that can only belong to one of the family members below. 

Who would do such a thing? 

I have compiled a list of the most likely subjects below.

Read the text above first and then watch this Marquee  for the insider scoop on who ass this is.....  Here are the  possibilities -    Steven, definite possibility as age of ass looks quite advanced.   Lack of manly hair could tip it off that it is indeed him....  Nancy, longshot as she is the youngest of all suspects in lineup, and this ass has clearly been around for awhile.....    Mike,  a strong possibility as lack of muscular definition in ass would surely make it seem to be his......       Laurie,  again another longshot as her recent fitness program would have yielded better results than the ass pictured here......    Randy,  it could be him as his manners and childish playfulness would clearly make him a strong contender.  However I would expect his ass to be far pimplier, so perhaps not....         Jean ,  could be as she has probably seen this ass more than she would like to remember.  Would have expected hers to be much better buffed than shown here....      Rev. Carl,   Don't kid yourself, this man of the cloth has a definite wicked sense of  humour and would be a strong possibility.  However he lives in Florida and I doubt he would have flown up unseen, snapped a picture on my camera and then hightailed it back to Sarasota.   However the ass looks like his.....