Celebrating Our Most Blessed

Merry Christmas

With Kathy healthy and home from hospital, we celebrated this special day evermore thankful for Our Blessings.

Christmas Eve was celebrated at Jay & Val Batz' home with Kathy's side of the family, While Christmas day was spent at our house with Rick's side of the family.  

click here for the snaps on Christmas Eve

click here for the snaps on Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve, everyone fussed over a chairbound Kathy, as she clutched her pillow to her tummy for support. Everyone wanted to be around her, joyful that she was fine and on the mend. Brad especially, cuddled with his Mom and she loved it. Also, as you can see, her illness didn't restrict her from enjoying some Christmas Cheer.

On Christmas day, Kathy was restricted to sitting in a chair, so it fell to me (ably assisted by my sisters) to host the Christmas Dinner at our home. So stepping into the breach, I strapped on a rather tight fitting apron and turned out one great Christmas Dinner.

I must say, I was magnificent

The presents were flying during the opening but we made sure we took a step back Thanking God for the birth of his Son, and for his hand in shepherding our Kathy through this health scare.

Thank God & Merry Christmas