On March 28th, and as a total surprise to Kathy, we were remarried at the 

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

on the Las Vegas Strip by none other than the King,

Elvis Presley

All of the boys were in on it beforehand as they each had jobs for the wedding.   Brad was My best man, Brett was the Toastmaster/Ringbearer, Ben walked Kathy down the aisle, and Bryan was the photographer.    

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This was the first day of our vacation and I thought after almost 17 years of wedded bliss, lets start it out with a real surprise.  So I lied to Kathy telling her that we were going out to Dinner.  Instead, as we stepped out of the New York New York Casino, out in front was the Elvis limo from the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to take us all to the chapel for the 6:30 ceremony.

Dad, and Sister Jean Gallo's family met us at the chapel and shared in the fun.  

I even had planned ahead by securing new rings for us from the 25 Cent Arcade machine at the Taco Bell on Dundee Road. Brad held on to them until he gave them to the King during the ceremony.

Kathy was totally surprised and a little apprehensive. I told her that when I booked this, I had a choice of 2 Elvises - one Old & Fat and the other Young. I figured Kathy sees enough Old & Fat with me so I opted for Young Elvis.

Well, Elvis looked like he'd been drinking most of the day, but he belted out all the King's standards, until he re-pronounced us Husband & Wife.

After that all of us danced to the King's rousing finale.

Following the ceremony, the Photo session took place where the King implored Kathy to snuggle up close to him and directed her "To put your hand on my chest!" Kathy complied and placed her hand on the Kings sweaty, heaving shaven chest. She was in love.

Afterwards, we went back to the Hotel and had a fine Reception dinner.

I love my Kathy even after 17 years!

Enjoy Elvis Remarrying me to my beloved Kathy