On a beautiful July 6th, it was down to Riverwoods Farm for the

2002 Annual Family Reunion

A great turnout again was seen at this annual fest. The Everett's, The Davis', The Johnson's, The Gregorio's, The Gallo's The Bellew's, The Upchurch's & The Gray's all joined host Bob & Peggy Lenz for that highlight of the summer social scene - The Family Reunion.

click here for the snaps this year

Amidst all the merriment 2 things stood out this year. The first was the unveiling of this years Fireworks board created by none other than the family demolition expert - Jeff Johnson.

This years edition, titled "The Bin Laden Buster" is featured to the right. Absolutely awesome and a new high in family pyrotechnic entertainment.

The 2nd happening was a freak accident with the hayride, where while traveling back to the house the Haywagon started to tip over while going down a hill. Kathy's leg got pinched between the wagon and the tractor tire and she let out a Yelp!!! heard for miles.

A scary moment, but after a quick trip to the doctor she was pronouned bruised, but none the worse for wear. Picture bottom is of her highness being propped up in the car for the ride home.

Picture left is highlighted by the cutest twins in the world with their proud Uncle Jason and cousins Brad & Ben.

All in all another great time.

However a special treat remains..... Directly below are links to videos shot by Master Family Cinematographer, the one, the only, Steve Everett.

Through many years he has steadfastly recorded the comings & goings with this family and through his & Aunt Peggys permission they are now here to see. Enjoy....