On June 8th, we celebrated

Ben's Confirmation

We were so proud of Ben as he was confirmed with his class at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rolling Meadows.  Also Brett and Brad had their 1st communion on this special day making it a really memorable one for the Johnson's.

As you can see from the picture left, my Dad, my Sisters and their families along with Auntie Joyce all came by for the big event. 

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Following, Kathy hosted the everone with an outdoor barbecue where Ben received many generous and thoughtful gifts marking his accomplishment. Also as it was just 2 days after Brad's 11 Birthday, Kathy made a special Face Cake for Brad to celebrate his birthday. Picture all the way on the bottom is Kathy & Brad with the cake.  Brad was happy to see Godfather Uncle Bob come by and share this time with him.

We are so very proud of our Benjamin!