For the 4th Year running,

The Hens Gather In Florida

As sprightly as ever, given their advancing age, the girls met for a sunny week in Sarasota Florida. 

They enjoyed a  week of the gulf, incessant and irrelevant chatter, all while slagging their erstwhile husbands diligently managing the home front.  These babes truly know how to live off the fat of the land.

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Picture upper right is all of them smiling in my mom's living room in Sarasota.  I draw your special attention to the blond in the photo all the way to the left.  She is my sister Laurie, who I've recently renamed Karen. 

You see, Karen has lost a huge amount of weight and is now in danger of looking like anorexic (and dead) Karen Carpenter.   I am trying to catch her hurling up her dinner, but haven't as yet.  


Looks like they had a great time and already are planning next years pilgrimage.