Joined by buddy Bob and his daughter Shannon, we spent a fantastic weekend in

Chiavari, Italy

with friends Giorgio and Mara Sivori. Giorgio works with me at Marconi and when I mentioned to Bob that I would be spending a weekend in Italy on a long business trip, he said he was coming out to meet me. Giorgio And Mara showed us a great time.

While I was working Friday, Marconi friend Marina and her daughter took Bob and Shannon out for shopping. 

Friday night we went to dinner with Giorgio and his lovely daughter Giorgia, shown right with Shannon at the ristorante. Saturday we went to Portofino, while in the evening we went to a great local restaurant with Giorgio's cousin Anna Lisa and friend Fabio. 

But Sunday was the highlight. After joining Giorgio and Mara at their beautiful church for Mass, we went to their country home for a spectacular meal with their good friends Paolo, Lichia, Lorenzo and Milvia. 

As a special treat and honor, Giorgio opened a bottle of wine made 43 years earlier by his father Vittorio. 

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Many thanks to Mara and Giorgio for one of the best weekends. 

It was superb.


Bob & Shannon Arrive In Italy - Side Trip To Lovely Portofino - Beautiful Churches

Lunch In Carro - Giorgio Uncorks wine made by his father vittorio back in 1960