During mid April, Kathy and I were

Back In England

I combined a business trip with the wedding of my financial controller Jez Hampson and his beautiful bride,  Rebecca .  They were married in Western England on a gorgeous day the Thursday before Easter. 

click here for pictures of Kathy in england

click here for pictures of Jez & Beccs Rehearsal Dinner

click here for pictures of Jez & Beccs Wedding

Before traveling to the wedding, Kathy and I stayed in beautiful Coombe Abbey, outside Coventry in the English Midlands.  The  hotel's roots go back to its construction as a monastery in the 12th Century.  To the left is a picture of us next to the moat with a couple of the monastery residents.  

Below is a picture of Jez and his bride cutting into the wedding cake,  The wedding was a little different from those we have attended here at home.  Wedding traditions in the UK include the giving of speeches at the reception by the father of the bride, the groom and lastly the best man.  The speeches were emotional, hilarious and even occasionally embarrassing.  A great tradition and one that we will adopt when our 4 lads trot down the aisle.  

Following the wedding, Kathy and I raced down to Ascot to have dinner with close friend Ken Crook.  Kathy had not seen Ken in almost 3 years.  Below is a picture of them before we went to dinner.   Ken brought new friend Barbara with him to dinner and the 4 of us had a great time. 

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed the evening and are anxious for our next time together.