Rick Gets A New Dentist !

Shown here is my friend, golf buddy, and new dentist Dr. Pete Waidzonas DDS, (name purposely misspelled so any would be patients searching for him on the web won't  hit this page). 

Not only is he a gifted medical professional, but he also happens to be the funniest guy best friend Bob Moran and I know.

Picture to the left was taken following my first checkup when Pete asked if I could take a peek at his oral status and drill out any decay I found. The instructions he drew on his bib were intended to help me make sure I drilled the right orifice.

In Mid March, Pete advised that I needed a Root Canal, and 2 crowns which he was prepared to do in one massive session with the aid of general anesthesia.  As Pete knows best, I agreed and the procedure went fine - quite painless.  However, when I went home, I was still in La La land for some time. 

Picture to the right shows 2nd son Ben trying to help me back onto the couch after I fell off the damn thing recuperating.

As I said, Pete is the funniest guy I know.  After Kathy drove me home and I emerged from the fog, she tells me a hysterical line Pete ripped off that was tremendous.  In his waiting room following the procedure and still groggy from the anesthesia,  I informed Pete, Kathy, his nurse and the people in his waiting room, that I was hungry AND that I hoped the anesthesia wouldn't affect me in other ways as Kathy looked forward to the pleasures of our nuptial bed on Friday and Saturday night.  Having announced that, Pete turns to Kathy and said ' I didn't know that Rick traveled on the Weekend too.'

Lastly, below is one of my favorite pictures of Pete taken at the Dunes where Pete is trying to build good teamwork with his partner for the day, Steve Rubin. 

They didn't play so well that day 

Steve could never get comfortable

What a guy