It's a surprise Birthday Party For

Dad and Aunty Joyce!

We celebrated Dad's 75th birthday and Aunty Joyce's 70th birthday with a surprise dinner and party at Jameson's Restaurant in Arlington Hts.

Auntie Joyce arrived first and after she recovered from the jolt, Dad walked in and looked surprised as well.

All the kids and most of the grandkids from both Honorees made it in including Rich and Diane from Spokane Washington. Brother Bob, Aunts Marilyn & Betty, and Uncle Wally made it a night to remember.

Click here for all the pictures of the party

Picture right is of Pop & Joyce with all the Hens celebrating the big event.   Picture below and to the left is of a surprised Dad entering the Banquet room.  Picture all the way down is Laurie and Kathy fighting over their Uncle Bob who happens to be 'Crowing'.

Down on the bottom of the page are 2 video's celebrating Pop & Auntie Joyce in their journeys so far.

What a family

Happy Birthday to Pop & Auntie Joyce.  

We love you dearly!


Auntie Joyce Video - "70 And Just getting started"

"The Life & Times Of Richard Johnson - 75 Years Young"