Back in Chicago for 2 nights at the United Center came

The Rolling Stones

First night Kathy and I, sister Jean and husband Steve,  Friends Alex, Marjie, Al and Jennifer, braved the bone chilling cold to check out what still is the greatest Rock 'n Roll band in the world.  

They did not disappoint.  

Best song of that night had to be 38 year old Satisfaction which had us all up dancing.

Second night just had 2 tickets so 12 year old Brettie and I  took them in.  They played a slightly different playlist.  Brettie and my favorite song this night had to be Tumbling Dice.

Click here for all the snaps (Thanks To Steve For The Photos!)

Highlight by far of the second evening was that as the encore Jumpin Jack Flash was being played, Brettie and I bolted from the arena and ran out to the service exit of the united Center. 

The Stones have a habit of exiting the building before they even turn up the lights so we thought we could get down there and get a close peek at em.   We made it outside in 6 degree BELOW Zero weather and could hear the Stones still playing.  We were the only idiots out there.

Not 30 seconds after the Stones stopped playing, up the service ramp come a string of Limo's.   First one had Mick dressed in a white robe not 5 feet from us, tho he wouldn't look at us.   Second one had Charlie, didn't look at us either.   Third limo had Ronnie in it with hot wife Jo. 

As Ronnie's limo turned off the ramp he looks at Brettie, gives him a big smile and wave.   Spectacular.  To my horror, couldn't see my favourite Keith as he must have been in one of the busses that left later.  

A great father/Son moment for me and Stonewall