At the invitation of good friends

Jim and Rosemary Haleem,

I flew out to Tucson in early March to play in Jim's Member-Guest Golf tournament at their beautiful country club, The Gallery.  Although I would like to report that we won our flight,  truth be told we had to win a coin flip to avoid placing last. This was due solely to yours truly playing frightfully bad, tho we had a great time.  

The club did a great job of welcoming their guests.  Picture to the right shows their display of both the Illinois and Kansas state flags, acknowledging  my home state (Illinois) and the state of my home club, Prairie Dunes in Kansas.  Pretty class act.

Jim and Rosemary are building a BEAUTIFUL new house near the course that is scheduled to be done mid to late summer.   Jim teaches an MBA class for the University of Arizona that I audited on their final night.  Pretty interesting, and I pray over time his students will recover from his teaching theory as they are young and hopefully can be shaped by other instructors.  Ha Ha - Just Kidding.  

Thanks to Rosemary  & Jim for their hospitality. I had a great time.  I include a link below to the website for The Gallery Country Club, with a closing picture below of their beautiful 9th hole that you will enjoy.

Thanks Jim & Ro for a great time!