On October 10th, Bryan, along with his date Lizzi, and 7 other couples went to Buffalo Grove High School's

Homecoming Dance

All the couples met at our house before the dance for pictures. The girls all looked absolutely lovely and the boys cleaned up pretty good as well. 

Before the dance they went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner and then to the High School for the dance itself. Bryan played in the Homecoming game against Hersey High school but the home team got beat by a point in a real thriller. 

As you can see, Bryan continues the Johnson tradition, begun my myself, of only dating Beautiful Babes. Well done Bry and Lizzi - hope you had a great time. 

Picture upper left is of Bry & Lizzi of course, couples snap to the right and lower is the boys trying to look pretty cool & tough.

Check out the Video all the way at the bottom of the page.

All these kids are great and as I've said before,

the future looks pretty good with them, Doesn't It?



Video of 2004 BGHS Homecoming Dance - with Bryan & Lizzi