On the evening of February 28th,

Bryan And Date Liz Myers

Attended the Buffalo Grove High School Turnabout Dance! Joined by another 6 couples, the group who are longtime friends went to the Embers Restaurant before the dance and then to the school for the big event. Liz looked absolutely lovely as you can see, and Bryan was quite fetching himself.

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As you know, the Turnabout dance requires the girl to ask the fella to the dance, and these girls used a novel way to secure their dates for the evening.  

Apparently a month before the dance, the guys were paged at the gym where they were working out that they were supposed to go to Portillo's Restaurant and order 30 Hot dogs and a cheeseburger.

When they did that they were sent to another place with a second clue that eventually landed them at a local department store. the guys were then handed a t shirt that on the front asked 'Would you go to Turnabout with me!' On the back however, were the names of all the girls. the boys were then instructed to wash the T Shirts to find out who their date was because all the girls names, except the one asking were in erasable ink!

Check out the pictures of the couples, Girls & Boys towards the bottom. Also there is a video of the big night all the way on the bottom of the page.

Liz Thanks for Asking Bryan Out - We Never Thought He would get a date!



Video of the BGHS Turnabout Dance