Celebrating Birthday's of

New friends Enrico & Aldo

On a business trip in mid July, I was back in Italy and invited to my 2nd Festa in over a month at good friend and work associate Giorgio Sivori's summer home in Carro in northern Italy. Enrico, shown below right, turned 50 while Aldo turned a youthful 68. 

Enrico is a ship's captain responsible for large supertankers that he drives around the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He has a wonderful wife, Maranella and 2 lovely daughters. 

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Aldo, shown blowing out candles in the picture to lower left is a great guy. One of the presents he received was a boom box that he can use when he does his break dancing.  Of course Mara Sivori hosted a great party and Giorgio prepared the meat Asado style which again was superb.   

Thanks for including me Giorgio & Mara and

Happy Birthday to Enrico and Aldo.