Rick meets niece Mindy as she starts her

Tour Through Europe!

Those of you who know our family will say, Mindy is not your niece but your cousin. WRONG and here's why.... Mindy's Late Grandfather (Russ) on her maternal side, is my godfather, and identical twin brother to my father (Richard). As identical twins are Exact copies (i.e. clones), that makes Mindy's mother Diane, another sister to me. Which in turn, effectively makes Mindy my NIECE. Now that the family bond is clear, on to Mindy.

Having recently graduated university, she is taking a 3 month sojourn through Europe. First stop was in London, where she was able to economize by staying at the apartment of great friend Capt KW Crook of Ascot. One of our closest friends, Ken and friend Barbara looked after Mindy while showing her Windsor and other local delights around Ascot. Their generosity and friendship in helping Mindy is truly appreciated.

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On the weekend of my monthly business trip to Europe, Mindy and I toured London. We took in the Tower of London, saw Phantom of the Opera (Mindy's 1st time, my 15th), had dinner at Salieri's on the Strand, and had Sunday luncheon at the world famous Rolling Stones bistro, Sticky Fingers. Sadly, Keith Richards was not seen.

Mindy departed London for Ireland. Plans call for me meeting up with her during my May trip, probably on the Sun Drenched Mediterranean coast of northwest Italy.


Good Luck Mindy Lou. Have fun and See you Soon.