Leaving Italy, our family flew to

New York City

for 3 days of seeing the sites. 

Picture to the right was taken prior to a boat ride around the southern tip of Manhattan. My Dad flew out to join us and we had a great time. It was the first time that my father and the boys had been to the Big Apple and seeing the Statue of Liberty was a highlight on the boat trip. 

Kathy's grandparents had immigrated to the US coming through Ellis Island in the 1920's. it was awesome trying to imagine what was going through their minds 80 some years ago when they arrived in their adopted country. 

Our first day we visited Ground Zero where the twin towers once stood. It was profoundly sad to see what is now a large hole in the ground where so many innocent people lost their lives.

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Dad and the boys took one of the tour buses around Manhattan while Kathy and I took in the play 'The Producers'. The play was hilarious and would definitely see it again. 

On the third day, Dad (and me) were a bit tired so we opted for taking in the races at historic Belmont park while Kathy and the 3 older boys braved Manhattan for a last day of shopping and ESPNZone.


NYC was a great conclusion to our summer holiday - and we could use a bit of a rest to recover from our vacation!