Back In Italy on business, I was invited to a fall

Festa In Carro!

Giorgio and Mara had planned a party with all their friends and family for a Sunday in November. As I was in town they asked me to come. Picture left has me with host Giorgio and Winemaster Giovanni tasting the fruits of the Vineyard.

It was a great time, as usual, with Giovanni bringing the wine and Giorgio cooking over the outdoor fire. 

Seemed like most of Giorgios & Mara's Chiavari friends were there except Enrico, who was captaining his Supertanker on the high seas. He was missed. A good many of GIorgio's Marconi team were there and the day couldn't have been more enjoyable.

Mara and friends served all the other treats from her world famous Bruchetta, to great salads and a number of desserts. Picture right has me and beautiful Mara enjoying more of the beautiful day and even more wine.

The lunch was served outside under a sunny and crisp Italian sky. Following the lunch we went  into their home and sang songs with the help of Lorenzo on the guitar. 

Check out the video loaded upper right. It is a bit long, but every scene is packed with great friends having a great time. From the toasts, to the singing, to the unveiling of the Grappa, to Giorgio dancing with Mara, it was an unforgettable day.

Don't forget when you watch and listen that all of us had far just a little too much wine.

Thanks to Giorgio and Mara for another great Festa in Carro. 

My 4th one in a single year!