Though we've been known to make goofy decisions in the past, this one probably beats them all.

Let's buy a race horse!

Pictured left is my father, cousin Jeff, sister Jean, Aunt Peggy and myself who are partners in a Thoroughbred Horse Racing stable.

In the middle of the pic is famed Arlington Park Trainer Chris Block who has agreed to train our mule starting this spring.

We met Chris in our Stratford Sports Room where Chris talked to us about the Horse Racing game and next steps. He wanted us to get a claiming horse at a minimum of $18,000. We agreed. We also agreed the name of our stable and the logo. Red Rabbit Racing.

Red Rabbit was the nickname of my Dad's and Peggy's father and grandfather to the rest of us. Figured it was a name we could all connect with - so there it is. The plan is to have Chris find us a horse with potential and turn him loose this summer at Arlington Park. 

Stay tuned for Race Dates!