Along with best friend Bob Moran and his 6 girls, the Johnson's spent a lovely 8 June days in

Chiavari, Northern Italy !

We met my friend and work associate, Giorgio Sivori, who along with wife Mara, their family and friends showed us a great time in their beautiful area of Italy located just southeast of Genova.

Picture to the left was taken in the seaside village of Camogli, which as you can see is quite beautiful. On that day we took a boat from Camogli to San Fruttuoso, and then on to beautiful Portofino.  On the Sunday, Giorgio, Mara and their family and friends hosted us for a lively Festa at their summer home in Charro. 

While Mara and friends prepared a great feast, Giorgio prepared the meat Asado style - which was spectacular. Giorgio even arranged for a Sommelier, Giovanni, to teach us of the fantastic Italian wines. Over 30 people attended the Festa including Giorgio's father Vittorio. Picture bottom shows all the people in the group photo. The festa was the highlight of the trip and we can't thank Giorgio, Mara and friends enough for all they did on our behalf.

Kudos go to Kathy, who managed the travel from Chicago, to London Heathrow, a bus to London Stansted, and a last flight to Genoa, while riding herd over the 4 boys with all the luggage. We met up at the Sheraton Genoa, where I had breezed in from Germany. The next morning, after Ben tricked Bryan to sample yet another Frizzante water, we took the train out to Chiavari and met up with Bob Moran & his girls along with Giorgio, his family & friends. Probably our best holiday.

While in Chiavari, we stayed at the lovely Monterosa. While having breakfast one morning, Brad set the record for eating the most consecutive bananas at 6. The wide-eyed waiter who witnessed this achievement, looked at 8 year old Bradley and stated in his best broken English, "Is Record!".

Kathy & I stayed in one room while the 4 boys slept in another room immediately adjacent to the massive Bell in the church nextdoor not 15 yards away from their window. That baby pealed every morning at 8:00 AM, damn near knocking the boys out of bed. Priceless.

We visited 2 of the villages that make up Cinque Terre while also spending a half day in Portovenore - which was beautiful.

thanks to Mara, Giorgio and all our new friends for a holiday of a lifetime.