A new member joins the Johnson family named


Late on a cold Friday evening in April, Kathy hears a faint plaintive cry from outside our front door. Putting down her wine bottle, err I mean glass, she checks out the source of the sad, soft wail. Alas, she finds a lonesome feline figure - hungry and cold that immediately starts purring when she picks him up.

A closer examination takes our breath away as this is no ordinary stray house cat. It has an enormously long tail which shockingly reveals that he is a rare, imported, African Mountain Cat!

Over the next couple weeks Kathy gives a half hearted effort to find the owner of this beast, but it is clear from the outset that no claims on him will be allowed.

Imagine, finding an African Mountain Cat at your door begging to be adopted! Kathy hasn't had such good fortune since she finagled an engagement ring out of me!

Given the Cat's long tail, he is immediately named Whirlaway after the famed Triple Crown Winning Race Horse of 1941 known for his Blazing speed and exceptionally long tail.

Like most African Mountain Cats, he is extremely talkative especially between the times of 4 and 6 in the morning. Kathy has now taken him to the vet for a $130 checkup and is contemplating gelding the beast with a declawing thrown in. I am very much opposed to this savage butchery as an African Mountain Cat is a proud species and should never be emasculated in such a way.

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Our African Mountain Cat