On Oct 8, and looking all too grown up,

Ben & girlfriend Tracy

go to Buffalo Grove High School's Homecoming Dance. Both Ben & Tracy are Juniors at BGHS and have been dating for several months now. 

click here for all the snaps of the big event

Tracy is a lovely girl and the 2 of them get on beautifully.  As you can see she looked great in her gown and Ben looked pretty snappy too.

We took pictures of them with friends Sean & Lauren at our house before they went to another friends home for more pictures before the dance. All the way on the bottom of the page is a video of them before the dance. 

They ate at an Italian restaurant I can't even pronounce - much lees spell and told me they had a great time. Following the dance they came back to our house to change clothes to attend the dance after-party. Ben showed up without his sport coat, drenched in sweat as apparently he & Tracy danced the night away. However, Tracy looked composed, cool and calm - The Beauty and the Beast!

Ben's varsity team lost their Homecoming game played the prior evening to powerful Mt. Prospect. He plays on the offensive line and is quite a force when he gets in the game. But the loss did not dull the great time had by all at the dance.

Love to you both on your great day!