In late July, it was off to Space Camp for cousins

Brad & Scott

Brad along with nephew Scott (son of sister Jean and husband Steve), attended their first session of Space Camp at the world famous Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas. 

The week long camp featured the boys learning all about space and flight while they trained throughout the week for a Space Mission they successfully conducted with their teams on the last day of camp.

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I drove them down on the first Saturday to enroll them in the camp. Following their registration I hotfooted it to the Wichita airport and parked the car to fly back to Chicago. 

The following Friday, sister Jean and I flew back down for the boys graduation and drove back to Chicago the following day!  I felt bad about not being there to watch their model rocket launch held mid week during their stay, but good friend Dee Zumalt from Prairie Dunes went to the launch and took some great snaps of the event. 

Even more amusing was best bud Bob Moran was in Hutch for the Trans-Miss golf tournament and as a surprise to Godson Brad visited them throughout the week which Brad thought was great. 

After graduation Brad, Scott, Jean and I had a dinner at Prairie Dunes to celebrate the boys' achievement. It was a great week for them and thanks to Dee and Bob for helping out and making the boys' week even better.

Both Brad and Scott had a great time and will be going to Level II camp next summer!