In early June,

Brett Graduated Middle School!

Brett, a student for the last 3 years at Jack London Middle school, was promoted to high school in a ceremony held at Wheeling High School.

We were all very proud of Brett for the great work that he has done and the fine young man he has become. He will be attending Buffalo Grove High School in the fall, though he has already started freshman football camp this past week.

As always, Brett made many friends at Jack London, many of them being promoted to BGHS like he has been. However, a number of his friends, like close friend (and girl friend) Brookie will be going to Wheeling High School. I am sure, though that he will keep his friendships from Middle School through his High School years.

Be sure to watch the video of Brett graduating at the bottom of the page.

Click here to see the pictures of Brett's graduation

Congratulations Stonewall

your grandfather would be proud of you!

Brett Graduates Middle School