On Pentecost Sunday in May, Brett Richard Johnson was

confirmed in the Christian faith

at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rolling Meadows. Along with fellow confirmand Melissa Huhn, Brett conducted much of the service himself by reading bible passages and conducting the Children's message that he wrote himself. 

Younger brother Brad also participated in the service by sharing a Bible reading with Brett and he did fine.

It was an emotional day as Brett brought up the memory of his beloved grandfather in the children's message that was so touching. All of the family were in tears mixed with the pride we have for Brett. 

This was our Pastor Bob Giese's last Sunday at Trinity, as he is leaving to take a pastoral call in Wisconsin. However, after hearing Brett's children's sermon he announced that Brett would be a fine replacement as the congregation applauded Brett's efforts.

Picture upper left shows Brett along with Pastor Bob and Melissa Huhn. Picture lower right is the family shot taken after Brett's confirmation. See the video of Brett's Sermon at the bottom of the page.

Click Here For All the snaps on the day  

Following the service Kathy held a brunch catered by world famous Nino's at our home that included my sisters, my Mom & Carl, along with Aunt Joyce & Jim. Kathy's side of the family was represented by our nephew Jayson and Sister-in-law Jan and kids. 


God Bless You Brettie and Well Done!

Bradley Reads From the Bible While Brett Does The Children's Sermon