On June 3rd, following their last day of High School, Bryan and Amy go to their

Senior Prom!

Amy looked lovely in a beautiful red lace dress, while Bryan looked great in his tuxedo which featured a matching red vest with a long coat. 

I tried to get him to wear a proper English Derby, but the best I could get from him was wearing it in one picture. Along with longtime friends, Sean & Alex, Leon & Lizzi and Phil & Dana, they were off to Seven Bridges Country Club for their prom and dinner. 

After Prom, they were headed into Chicago to spend much of the evening (really next morning) at ESPNZone at their Post-Prom Event.

click here for all the snaps of the event

Though all prom goers travel to the Prom and Post-Prom by Motor Coach, Bryan drove Amy and Phil & Dana to the school in "The Staff Car" - the new Chrysler 300C. He promised that he would keep it under the speed limit for the 2 mile ride to the school and would park it under a light away from all other cars in the parking lot. 

Bryan already had 1 mishap today in his car, when he wiped out the recycling boxes as he backed out of the driveway as he drove to school this morning.

Bryan graduates this coming Sunday (5-June) but his last day of school was today.

Congratulations Bryan & Amy - You Looked Great!

Bryan & Amy go to Prom