The family traveled to downstate Illinois to attend the March 12 wedding of

Jason & Emily Johnson

Jason is our cousin - he is the son of my father's brother Roy Johnson and wife Mary Lou of Watseka, Illinois. Jason had lived with us in the summer of 2000 when he interned at Motorola. All our boys had grown quite close to him and were really happy to be invited to the wedding. 

Jason and Emily met in college where they both are about to finish law school and plan to take the bar exam this summer. They were married in Emily's church in Alton, Illinois just a short few miles Northeast of St. Louis. 

The reception was held at a local country club and it was a tremendous party. There were many great memories of the wedding/reception but one that was really outstanding was Brad caught the garter! (Picture below). They make a beautiful couple and have a great future ahead of them. 

Our entire family drove down on the Friday, stopped off to tour the famous Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis and made it in time to attend the rehearsal dinner. 

Following the dinner, Kathy and I made our way over to Alton's Riverboat Casino and collectively lost $65.00, (although I made some money!). Saturday was the wedding and we drove home after a great family breakfast on the Sunday.

I took a huge number of pictures that are available to all by following the links below. Don't forget the Reception Dance Floor video all the way on the bottom of the page.  

Congratulations and Best Wishes

Emily & Jason

We love you Both!

Video On the Dance Floor