After almost 4 years,

Rick Leaves Marconi!

On March 31st, I completed my employment with Marconi. It was an extremely busy and interesting time there, and I leave with mixed feelings. On one hand I was proud to work with great people, many of whom have become friends, but continuing to commute 2 weeks a month to Europe was not making any sense. 

Reality was, the job I held needed to be based in Marconi's HQ region - and I was not willing to move to the UK. So it was best for both parties to agree a time when I would move on. 

Picture upper left show the beautiful (tongue in cheek) Marconi facility in Coventry, which was my home away from home for the last few years. Picture lower right is that bastion of luxury, the Coventry Holiday Inn, where if I close my eyes I can still hear the false fire alarms going off in my head anytime after 2:00am.

As for me, am desiring to take the summer off, spending more time with the family (not quite sure if Kathy's signed up for that), friends, the golf course and Arlington racetrack.

I wish all my mates at Marconi the best in all going forward.