On May 12th, my Mother celebrated her

70th birthday. 

My sisters and I had Mom and Carl fly up to Chicago a couple days before the big day. We held a surprise party for her on the Friday night of her birthday week at Kemper Lakes Golf Club. Prior to the party the whole family had photos taken on the beautiful grounds there.

At the party all her children's families were there, along with Ray Bristow, Aunt Joyce & Uncle Jim, and the Barb & Randy Gray family. Additionally, Carl's son Mark & Alvin and daughter Deb's family attended as well. It was a great time.

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At the party a video for Mom was shown celebrating her 1st 70 years of life that can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Photo upper left is Mom with her delicious birthday cake. Directly below is Mom and Carl with her grandchildren, Followed by a snap all the way on the bottom of all in attendance at the party.

Mom, we love you very much. 

hope you enjoyed your stay and your party. 

Happy Birthday!



A loving look at mom's first 70 years